Bridge Farmers

from Austin, Texas

Bridge Farmers

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Tyler Hautala and bassist Garett Carr formed Bridge Farmers in Austin, Texas in 2007, and since then, the band’s staggering psychedelic sound has been building steady influence in Austin’s growing metal scene. 2010’s Din of Celestial Birds established their unrelenting and complex mix of heavy bass lines, churning guitar progressions, and thundering percussion. Carr’s driving and circular rhythms provide a foundation for Hautala’s stacked, fuzzy riffs. San Antonio drummer Kyle Rice joined in 2014, and his unyielding percussive intensity helps contain Hautala’s hazy, droning vocals. The trio’s self-titled LP (2018), recorded in one take and mixed by Daniel McNiel, was mastered by Tad Doyle and has been called a “coiling psychedelic brain massage.”

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