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Magic Castles

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Magic Castles is an American neo-psychedelia rock band formed in Minneapolis in 2007 by Jason Edmonds.

Their first two albums, “Lore of Mysticore” (2008) & “Dreams of Dreams of Dreams” (2009) were hand screen-printed self-released CD-Rs. A third album “Songs of the Forest” was released fall of 2009 by cassette label Moon Glyph.

Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre signed the band to his imprint A Records in 2010, eventually taking Magic Castles on tour and releasing the eponymous double LP of early material, “Magic Castles” in 2012.

In 2013 the band released another cassette via Moon Glyph called “Shambhala” under the pseudonym “Erros Magicos”, followed by a west coast tour.

The band returned in 2014 for a Record Store Day split single with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Later in 2014 the album “Sky Sounds” was released via A Records.

August and September 2015 the band toured Europe & UK, bookended by the festivals Reverence Valada and the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. The album “Starflower” was released on September 4th 2015.

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