Monolith on the Mesa LLC ‘a high desert experience” is a first year music festival focusing on the ‘Hard Rock” which includes Psych, Desert, Doom, and Drone. It is being hosted at the Taos Mesa Brewery ‘Mothership” a 2,500 capacity music venue which is on a great compound that is next to hotel Luna Mystica which has an airstream hotel as well as RV parking and campgrounds as well. Monolith on the Mesa LLC “a high desert experience” is focused on the music incorporated with art installations that will be incorporating fire, light, projection, experimental and interactive. We will have a vendor village that will have a mix of vendors from food to craftspeople. Monolith on the Mesa LLC is striving to bring a loyal fan base that will spill over into our beautiful community which promotes tourism, which we believe that what we are bringing in and what Taos and surrounding areas has to offer will be a draw as well. As an annual event with a brand festival in focus so attendees will come back and new as well. We are creating sponsorship packages that are designed for business and individuals who would like to contribute and support Monolith on the Mesa LLC and support their business as well. Community investment is a way to build a better Taos through music and art which both runs through our community. As a sponsor you will get exposure through our audience of local visitors as well as our website, social media, YouTube channel and printed material, it is a tear system so the more donated will open up better avenues of accessibility with our market.




Interested in being a vendor at Monolith? CLICK HERE to apply.