Monolith on the Mesa is very excited to collaborate with local installation and visual artists to intertwine the art and music experience into one, across the festival grounds. The Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show will be lighting up the “Earthship” amphitheater with far out visuals as sunset starts.

Christian Ristow and Christina Sporrong are excited to bring an element of mechanical art mayhem to Monolith on the Mesa!
Christian Ristow has been building has been building large-scale robotic art for many years. Over the years he has created high tech animatronics for film and TV, radio-controlled combat robots, and large interactive sculptures for festivals such as Burning Man.
Christina Sporrong brings years of expertise in blacksmithing and welding to her explosively entertaining art, which has also been featured at Burning Man and similar venues. Fire is probably Christina’s favorite element, and she imagines that after playing with her large-scale installations, you will agree. Ristow and Sporrong are pleased to add a little art to your weekend. Enjoy!